Did You Know?


*You burn up to 50% more calories in the swimming pool than on dry land. Instead of a 250-300 calorie burn aerobic class, you burn up to 500 calories in the pool! 


*Our Swimming Pool is heated year round and is 4 FT deep throughout. It's a great low impact option!


*Our relaxing Whirpool goes up to 104 F and is a full body massage great for muscle soreness, arthritis, and a stress reliever.


*Our Sauna and Steam Room use deep penetrating heat to get deep into your joints for pain relief and improve your complexion.


*Our Inhalation Room is natural eucalyptus crystals derived from a plant. This plant has been proven to open your pores, help with sinuses, migraines, seasonal allergies, and help with mental clarity. 


Access to our spa area is included in all of the membership packages! 



Aquatics and Spa Facilities

Gym hours:

Monday: 6 AM- 8 PM

Tuesday: 6 AM-7:30 PM

Wednesday: 6 AM-6 PM

Thursday: 6 AM- 6 PM

Friday: 6 AM- 6 PM

Saturday: 7:30 AM- 12:30 PM

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